How to Choose a Long Bow

Choosing the right long bow could give you a bit of stress most especially if you are a beginner. If you try to research online, you can find a huge spectrum of choices of the best longbows and picking the right one could be difficult. Thus, to help you out in this struggle, here are the different factors that you have to consider in choosing the suitable long bow for you.

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  1. Bow size

They say that the proper size of the bow should be chosen accordingly based on age. Well, this is definitely INCORRECT. We all know for a fact that we do not have equal sizes in a given age because we have different growth rates. So, it is advisable to stop using the chart that uses age as a basis of choosing your bow size. Now, how would you select a bow size that fits you? Base it on your draw length.

  • Draw length

The first factor that you have to note in choosing the right one for you is the draw length. Of course, it is very important to figure out the true draw length at full draw because, some bows are specially crafted to perform well at a given draw length. Like for example, the 68 inches bow is for a 27 27 1/2″ to 28 1/2″ draw. As a tip, you should always remember that when you will reach the upper end of the bow’s draw length, it is vital for you to move up to the next bow size to increase efficiency. If you are successful in choosing your bow in its appropriate draw length, your draws will be even and your release will be clear.

Furthermore, research further about identifying the draw length using the height chart. Experts say that using a chart based on height will not always give desired fallouts, but your odds of choosing the proper bow size is a little better than selecting a bow based on age.

  • Core Materials

The material from which the bow is made of is considered to be a factor in picking the right long bow. Now, there are several types of materials which is used in producing bows such as:

  1. Wood-– It gives a tough long bow. A wooden long bow could give you great mechanical properties making it ideally suited for use in archery bows.
  2. Bamboo—this material offers you extreme softness and flexibility. A bamboo does not break that easily because manufacturers have ensured add-on materials to increase the tensile strength oj the bamboo. Meaning to say, it can withstand bending and stretching.
  3. Yew—this is very popular if what you need is a bow with great durability and strength. It has the right properties to receive a significant boost in speed and power if you back it. Plus, it is very easy to find.
  4. Action boo—This core material is made up from a laminate bamboo. Action Boo has very similar properties and characteristics of a natural bamboo.
  5. Fiber glass—This material is known to be very light thus giving fast and easy release. The only thing about this is, it is prone to bending and distortion when there is extreme weather condition.