Plastic or Glass Greenhouses?

Today, greenhouses are more diverse than ever; they are being made from various different materials, they come in different sizes, they offer various styles and ranges, etc. This could be a bit tricky for someone that isn’t really that well versed in this, so the first thing these people ought to learn should probably be something a bit simpler – like what kind of a material they ought to use for a greenhouse. More and more people are making greenhouses out of plastic panes, while some still stick to glass. Which one of the two materials is better?

The Transparency Issue

Transparency is really important when it comes to greenhouses; they need to be able to pass through as much natural light as possible through the panes. Not so long ago, it was believed that the glass panes are much better, but lately, experts seem to agree that the panes made of rigid plastics like the acrylic or the polycarbonate are much better when it come to the light transmission. However, over time, these plastic panes turn yellow, mostly because of the amount of the UV radiation that gets contained. This is something that does not happen with glass, and that is why, on the long run, the glass is a much better choice here. If you need air conditioning inside a greenhouse, you don’t have any other alternative except for a portable air conditioner.

The Price

The price is another important issue when you have to choose between the two materials. Immediately, it should be said that the plastic and the polycarbonate is much cheaper than glass, but the problem here lies in the fact that the plastic ages and has to be replaced after a couple of years, while this problem is nonexistent when it comes to glass. Toughened glass seems to be the better choice.

Greenhouse Insulation

A greenhouse needs to be well insulated in order to grow better plants. It is true that the polycarbonate greenhouses offer better insulation, but using full panes of glass which do not overlap, you get a warmer greenhouse with no drought. Also, more sun will be able to get inside, meaning that the greenhouse is going to be much warmer when you use glass panes. Polycarbonate and acrylic plastic replacement greenhouse glass only let about 83 and 85 percent of sunlight through, respectively, while the glass allows 90% of it to go through!

The Strength

And finally, you need to use a material that is strong enough; the one that won’t get blown away, or the one that won’t get twisted when the high winds come. Toughened glass seems to be the better choice here, because it is both thicker and heavier than the plastic panes that some people install on their greenhouses. This weight allows you to get your greenhouse grounded, which will allow it to offer a greater resistance to those high winds.

So, as we have seen, if you’re looking for a material for your new greenhouse, go for the toughened glass. It offers more sunlight, it is cheaper in the long run, it offers better insulation, and is much stronger. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Converting an Electric Bike

Electric bikes present a great way to commute, travel, and even exercise without harming the environment. Electric bikes are more environmentally friendly than a car, are much faster than walking or using a push bike, and take a lot less effort. When it comes to getting an electric bike you have two options; buy an electric bike or buy an electric bike conversion kit and “electrify” your current push bike. Here are some tips for converting an electric bike.


What to Expect

You need to install four parts onto your bike to convert it; a battery, a controller, a motor and a throttle. Some conversion kits contain some extras but they aren’t totally necessary. Everything is designed to be attached to the bike. You can bolt the battery and controller onto the frame and the motor comes in a wheel hub so you just have to replace a wheel. The throttle can be placed onto the handle bars and that’s really all there is. Easier than you thought, no?


The Cost

One reason people choose converting over buying an ebike is the cost. An ebike can set you back up to $6,000 while a conversion kit containing the same electric components can cost just $700. While the price does depend largely on what you want, and the more you add to your bike the higher the price will be, for the most part converting is much cheaper. An electric bike costs up to and over $1000 at least while a good conversion kit is just a few hundred dollars.


Things to Consider

The main thing to consider when it comes to converting an electric bike is what you will be using the electric bike for and what kind of speed, range, and power you want. If you’re someone looking to commute on a flat road with your electronic bike then you could get a small motor and a large battery. For an off-road experience or living in a hilly city you should get a bigger motor and a more powerful control. Everything sounds a little complicated and overwhelming at first but you’ll quickly learn and understand what you need when doing your own electronic bike conversion.


Which Kind of Bikes are Suitable for Conversion

When converting an electronic bike the kind of bike is another important factor. You need to be using a bicycle that has a little meat at the dropouts (this is where the wheels are attached). Great bikes for conversion include mountain bikes, 20-inch folding bikes and cruiser bikes. Even many road bikes will be suitable for conversion. Bikes that are lightweight, particularly ones made of carbon fiber, shouldn’t be converted. Ask yourself if the bike is something that could be used in the Tour de France. If it can then you shouldn’t convert it. Interestingly enough a cheap department store bicycle actually makes a great choice for converting. These are made of steel and are built without saving weight in mind. They’re strong and sturdy bikes that make ideal candidates for converting.

How to Choose a Long Bow

Choosing the right long bow could give you a bit of stress most especially if you are a beginner. If you try to research online, you can find a huge spectrum of choices of the best longbows and picking the right one could be difficult. Thus, to help you out in this struggle, here are the different factors that you have to consider in choosing the suitable long bow for you.

Also ensure you have the best walkie talkies to go with your longbow!

  1. Bow size

They say that the proper size of the bow should be chosen accordingly based on age. Well, this is definitely INCORRECT. We all know for a fact that we do not have equal sizes in a given age because we have different growth rates. So, it is advisable to stop using the chart that uses age as a basis of choosing your bow size. Now, how would you select a bow size that fits you? Base it on your draw length.

  • Draw length

The first factor that you have to note in choosing the right one for you is the draw length. Of course, it is very important to figure out the true draw length at full draw because, some bows are specially crafted to perform well at a given draw length. Like for example, the 68 inches bow is for a 27 27 1/2″ to 28 1/2″ draw. As a tip, you should always remember that when you will reach the upper end of the bow’s draw length, it is vital for you to move up to the next bow size to increase efficiency. If you are successful in choosing your bow in its appropriate draw length, your draws will be even and your release will be clear.

Furthermore, research further about identifying the draw length using the height chart. Experts say that using a chart based on height will not always give desired fallouts, but your odds of choosing the proper bow size is a little better than selecting a bow based on age.

  • Core Materials

The material from which the bow is made of is considered to be a factor in picking the right long bow. Now, there are several types of materials which is used in producing bows such as:

  1. Wood-– It gives a tough long bow. A wooden long bow could give you great mechanical properties making it ideally suited for use in archery bows.
  2. Bamboo—this material offers you extreme softness and flexibility. A bamboo does not break that easily because manufacturers have ensured add-on materials to increase the tensile strength oj the bamboo. Meaning to say, it can withstand bending and stretching.
  3. Yew—this is very popular if what you need is a bow with great durability and strength. It has the right properties to receive a significant boost in speed and power if you back it. Plus, it is very easy to find.
  4. Action boo—This core material is made up from a laminate bamboo. Action Boo has very similar properties and characteristics of a natural bamboo.
  5. Fiber glass—This material is known to be very light thus giving fast and easy release. The only thing about this is, it is prone to bending and distortion when there is extreme weather condition.

The Benefits Of The Outdoors: Discover Them!

Are you ready to explore the world? Nowadays we seem to be quite disconnected from the nature, we have lost this magical connection, and as such, our life are starting to feel the effect of this. If you want to reclaim your freedom and exploit the huge benefits of the outdoors, then you will love this article. Because you will find it to be very useful, interesting and quite engaging.

Kick Stress Out:

Our modern times come attached to a very high load of stress. This has a very noxious effect in our life and health. If you want to remedy this situation, then you need to find ways to fight back the stress — and one of the best ways to concrete this is by taking a trip in the outdoors, be it on a hiking, a Total Fishing Tackle fishing trip or a kayaking trip on a recreational kayak.

You need to get out of your comfort zone, you need to explore the world. Something as simple as walking in the outdoors, preferably in a zone where you can be in total touch with nature, can do wonders for your life. It’s known that people who regularly do this, are the ones who experience less stress in comparison to those who prefer to stay at home all the time.

You can try to explore this solution every weekend. This will allow you to expand your mind and release all that stress that’s in you. Believe us when we say that this will improve your life by a hundredfold, because a life without stress is a life full of happiness and success.


summer-book-hammockIf you want to be smarter, then you should try to explore the outdoors more often and maybe even hone your survival skills. When you do this, you allow your mind to relax and expand, and this will grant you better mental faculties. You need to breathe fresh air, see new landscapes, you need this all in order to have a healthy mind.

Nowadays we don’t care a lot about this, because our society has conditioned us to behave like this. However, now you have the power in your hands to change this. Because now you know that by exploring the outdoors you can reclaim that power and freedom you have been having for.

Don’t Go Alone:

There’s nothing better than exploring the outdoors with a friend, relative or even your significant other. This will allow you to strengthen your relationship with that person. This is one of the best ways you have to improve your relationship with people and even your social skills.

You can also try to go in somehow big group. Believe us when we say that exploring the nature in a big group, of let’s say 5-10 friends, is far more entertaining and will add to your life the adventure you want.


As you can see, the outdoors have many important benefits for your life. Now it’s time for you to experience them in your life. Plan your getaway and believe us that you will have a very nice time, you will feel a lot better.