How To Prepare Your Garden For The Summer?

If you are having a garden, and the scorching hot summer is approaching, it is the time; you should take proper care of your plants. You should always have a look on the trees, such that they do not dry out in the weather. There are numerous ways to take care of the plants effectively.

Regular watering

The first and the most important aspect are to look at whether the plants are getting adequate water. This will also help increase the value of your property if you ever contact an East London Estate Agent to carry out an evaluation for you. A well kept and visually pleasing garden is very beneficial. Ensure that you water your plants on a regular basis, and you should also water the leaves apart from watering the soil. The reason is that, water from the roots is helpful for the internal operations of the plants, where the application of water on the leaves of the plants help them not to dry out, and maintain the green color of the leaves, such that they can carry out photosynthesis in an efficient way.

Block direct sunlight

The next and the most important aspect is to look at is, you should never allow sunlight to directly follow the plants. You should try to provide adequate shades and shadow to the plants, such that they do not get direct scorching sunlight. You can also plant shade trees, which can be enough to obstruct the direct heart sunlight, which is very bad for the trees.

Do a health checkup

You should do a health checkup of the plants by talking to the Benton Arboriculture, who can give you a proper idea of how the health of your plants are. If they find any kind of problems with the health of your trees, they can help you with all the expert ways, which can be helpful in restoring the health of the plants. If your plants need extra assistance, like application of certain fertilizers or pesticides, you can get such kind of information from the agencies.

Cleaning the garden

The next and the most important aspect are to have a clean garden, such that your trees can get enough nutrients from the soil. It is visable that you keep have a small grasses and other small trees, which act as the plants, and they block the entry of adequate nutrients to the trees which you have. You should keep on cleaning your garden and keeping away parasite plants throughout the year, but it should be more frequent during the summer season, as the nutrients are quite scarce, and you should provide the complete nutrients to the trees through any possible ways. A company such as SPC Tree Services can make this a breeze.

Apply fertilizers and ladybugs

If you follow all the ways mentioned above, it will definitely help you to have a healthy garden even in the summer season having very high temperatures. Apart from it, you should also apply fertilizers, and ladybugs, such that the soil remains fertile, and the pests and insects do not come close to the trees.

Hiring Marquees for Weddings

If you are planning a wedding with a reception and a party that is going to take place outside, than perhaps it would be the best to hire a wedding marquee. These things are just perfect for weddings, they are rather simple to hire, they can offer a huge space, and a great atmosphere. However, mostly due to the fact that these things are a relative mystery to most people, we are going to tell you all about them and how they work. So, let’s get into that.


Marquees are becoming more popular than ever, and it mostly has to do with the fact that they create space that some other venues would charge a fortune. Also, a marquee is something that you can place anywhere you want, and most people decide to place it in their back yard, near the home the newlyweds plan to spend their life in. Also, these things are unbelievably strong and can withstand terrible weather, including the winds of up to 70 km/h! This means that the marquee is safe, strong and available for everyone, but there are some other issues that the people have with this kind of a wedding. During the setup process, ensure hydrovane compressor parts are supplied and at hand. Head over to PMJ International for this. They have a huge brochure to choose from.

Some people are wondering how to power a marquee due to the fact that it is not connected to a power source. Well, this is nothing complicated; all you have to do is get an extension lad from your house and you can use it to power up the microphone. In fact, first make sure what is the maximum load that the lad can take, and only then proceed with it. If you’re planning to power other stuff in the marquee, including the lights, the amplifiers, the heaters, and so on, you can hire a generator with a marquee, and use it to power it all up, without ever worrying the power would run out.

The furniture is also a big issue when it comes to Marquee weddings, however, Cap Marquees have a fantastic selection. They mostly has something to do with the users themselves – they never leave enough space for serving food or for the furniture. Before you organize a wedding, make sure you know how many guests they’ll be, and then use that information to hire the marquee of perfect size. That way, you’ll be able to have enough room for everyone to sit, for the servers to pass, for the DJ, for the dance floor, and you could even cram in a stage for the speeches. Therefore, do all the calculation first, and only then hire a marquee.

We all know that the marquees are becoming ever more popular, and especially when it comes to weddings, but after reading this, you should be aware of just how useful a marquee could be, and what it can do to improve the wedding. This kind of wedding would always be remembered and everyone will look back to it with a glow in their eyes; and therefore, hiring a marquee for your wedding would be the best possible course of action.

Top Six Beauty Products to Pack the Next time You Go Camping

You might not like the idea of staying in the great outdoors because it means you’ll have to kiss goodbye to your beauty products and routine, and you’re a little worried about how you’ll look (it’s okay girls, we all worry about that!) but going camping doesn’t mean you can’t take beauty products with you. You can also prepare and go into Silky Smooth beforehand to stay looking good. Some of them are even beneficial to camping. It’s true. Here are the top six beauty products to pack the next time you go camping.

  1. Waterproof Mascara

No matter where you are or how hot it gets a good waterproof mascara will always do the job. It’s tough to keep mascara on when you’re outside because, well, there’s no mirrors. You need a mascara that can tough it out and one of the best for this is LashBlast 24 Hour mascara. While you can’t take all your eye beauty products with you mascara is small, simple, and does wonders on its own.

  1. Moisturiser with SPF

When you’re camping you can’t really afford the space to pack all of those clunky moisturisers that look and smell great. There are things more important than moisturiser too; like sun protection. So why not just combine them? Buy yourself a great moisturiser with SPF built in and you’ve got a wicked combination that leaves your legs smooth and soft and, best of all, protected from the sun! Not to mention those fragrant scents just attract mosquitoes. So find yourself some nice, fragrance free SPF moisturiser.

  1. Mini Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are one of the newest crazes in the beauty world and they are incredible for camping. Whether it was caused by a general laziness or because people live such busy lives these days dry shampoos are a godsend. Find yourself one that fits your needs and you can keep your hair in great shape even without water. You can also get them in mini bottles so that they don’t take up much space. The smaller ones are also incredibly cute!

  1. Headbands with Teeth

When you look for a headband find one with tiny little teeth that keep the headband in place. A plain black headband fits with anything and keeps your hair from getting frizzy and stuck in your face. Being in the middle of a forest is no need to be unfashionable after all, no?

  1. Lip Balm with SPF

Some people have the misguided opinion that lips don’t burn in the sun but they’re completely wrong! That’s why you need a great lip balm that has some sun protection built in to it, much like with the moisturiser earlier. Three of the best options are Nivea Sun Lip Care, Blistex Medicated Berry Balm, and Maybelline New York Baby Lips.


6.  Hair Brush Straightner

These days Hair Brush Straightners come in super handy when camping. Especially the cordless types! Most campsites have some form of electric so you’ll be fine with your hair brush straightener.

Don’t think that you can’t go camping because you can’t take your beauty products with you. These five products will keep you beautiful no matter where you find yourself.